Massage brushing

Brushing hair is one of the most basic styling techniques, mainly used to detangle hair. Regular brushing helps take care of the hair and promote regrowth. This healthy gesture is a real youth cure for the hair!

Brushing hair to stimulate growth

Detangling and massaging the scalp are the secrets to keeping hair young! It may seem simple, but if done correctly, your hair will be full of vitality! Before you start brushing your hair, it's important to get a good styling tool.

On dry hair, a boar bristle or nylon brush is best depending on the nature and sensitivity of your hair. Stimulating blood circulation of the scalp through massaging, its soft bristles rid the hair of dust accumulated during the day, allowing the nutrients and oxygen to reach the hair bulb. Revitalized, the scalp can breathe and the hair grows healthier and more radiant.

On wet hair, the La Bonne Brosse Miracle Detangling Brush offers a moment of well-being, combining detangling with a massage.

The extremely fine and supple tips gently divide the strands to remove knots. Light, equal pressure on your scalp allows the ball tips to stimulate the skin of the scalp, which is often extremely taut and compact, to release tension and revive circulation between the blood vessels and the hair bulb. Your scalp is relaxed and the hair can once again benefit from the irrigation necessary for its growth and vitality!

Brushing your hair is a youthful cure for your mind

Brushing your hair is a simple gesture that not only benefits your hair, but is also essential to your inner well-being... Like exercise, which helps rid your body of toxins and maintain the body's youthfulness, brushing your hair is a real moment of relaxation for the whole body. Through its massaging effects, hair brushing relaxes the scalp and acts directly on the nervous system. This is the ideal moment to relax. Blow out. Let go. Think about something else. This interlude of well-being will be instantly visible on the body and face. More relaxed, your features will be less tired and will look younger. It's your turn!


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