La meilleure brosse à cheveux pour cheveux bouclés

The best hair brush for curly hair

It is an integral part of our look and personality: our hair says a lot about us! And yet, without meaning to, we sometimes give it a hard time: we pull it, cut it, dye it, break it... Protecting our hair is not always an easy task! Even if all types of hair deserve to be pampered, curls tend to be more fragile and therefore require special attention. If you have curly or frizzy hair, find out which hair brush is best for your curls and what you need to do to take care of them. What is the best...

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Comment traiter la chute de cheveux post-partum ?

How to treat postpartum hair loss?

On average, we lose up to 100 hairs a day. Pregnant women, however, are an exception to the rule. Because their hormone levels are very different, pregnant women lose very little hair during pregnancy : on the contrary, their hair even grows a lot ! But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. After giving birth, the body tries to return to normal and all the hair that was in excess ends up falling out: this is known as postpartum hair loss. Although this phenomenon is, in most cases, a natural process, it is not always very pleasant....

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Cheveux mouillés mer

The sea, a powerful ally to your hair

This summer, rediscover the benefits of seawater on your scalp. Seawater is saturated with trace elements and minerals with purifying and regenerating properties. If your hair has a tendency to re-grease, don't hesitate to plunge your head under water! Even take advantage of these moments to massage your scalp for a few minutes. After your swim, don't forget to rinse your hair with clean water and avoid harsh shampoo. If dandruff tends to develop on your scalp, don't be afraid to immerse it: seawater and its trace elements cleanse the scalp and reduce itching, as long as you don't aggravate...

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Complément alimentaire et santé des cheveux : Interview avec Ehsane Cassam fondateur de Hygèe

Food supplements and hair health: Interview with Ehsane Cassam, founder of Hygèe

Hello Ehsane, you are the founder of Hygée, a brand of food supplements based on adaptogenic plants. Can you tell us a little about your background?    I grew up surrounded by pharmacists, and my parents are entrepreneurs in cosmetics. I am also of Indian origin, functional food has always been part of my daily life without me really realizing it (thanks to my grandmothers!). So I have been immersed in the world of wellness since I was a child. When I started my professional life, I began to have small imbalances. I couldn't really find a solution in traditional...

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Préparez-vos cheveux à la Nouvelle Lune

Prepare your hair for the New Moon

Tomorrow, April 1 2022, a new moon will form. It is called the "black" moon, since it is the second new moon within a month. The phenomenon of tides alone proves the moon’s influence on the world's oceans. Those who believe in its power are convinced that it also acts on the water reserves of the human body and hair. We could therefore follow the lunar calendar to make our hair grow faster, boost the effectiveness of hair care products and achieve successful hairstyles every time. Orbiting the earth, the moon transits each sign of the zodiac for one to...

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Q&A Dr. Antoni Calmon Médecin esthétique à Paris 8ème

Q&A Dr. Antoni Calmon, Cosmetic Doctor in Paris 8th Arrondissement

Dr. Antoni Calmon Instagram @drantonicalmon Trained for several years alongside Dr. Maurice Dray, Dr. Calmon is now a pioneer of the French touch. His in-depth expertise in cosmetic dermatology has allowed him to develop new beauty techniques. Here, he shares with us his procedure for women and men who are experiencing hair loss problems. 1. What are the main causes of hair loss? There are four of them. 1) Hormonal problems, which affect men more than women. Some women have too much androgen, which leads to hair loss and is treated with hormone therapy. 2) Vascular problems. This is caused...

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