Add hair yoga to your routine!

Not only offering greater spiritual well-being, yoga brings many benefits on a physiological level as well as a psychological one. The different postures or asanas used to harmonize the body help to improve its flexibility, but also to reduce stress by focusing on the present. But did you know that yoga can improve the vitality of your hair? Mainly in terms of hair growth and reduced hair loss!

Weakened hair is caused by a disturbance of the three doshas, representing the vital energy of your body.

  • Dry and brittle hair comes from an excess of Vata
  • Discolored hair comes from an excess of Pitta
  • Greasy hair comes from an excess of Kapha

There’s nothing better than hair yoga to regain healthy and radiant hair!

Yoga positions for healthy hair

Yogis are in agreement: practicing inversions boosts hair growth! It all comes down to blood flow. When your head is inverted, microcirculation is boosted. Better oxygenated and nourished, your hair grows faster and stronger. The secret to youthfulness!

If you are a yoga fan, we recommend doing a Sirsasana on your head once a day for as long as possible. Beginners can opt for the downward facing dog: Adho Mukha, which should be held for as long as possible. To maximize the effects of these postures, every evening you lie down on your bed, let your head fall delicately backwards against the edge of the mattress for a few minutes. Radical.


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