Hydration, a crucial habit for healthy hair

The human body is made up of 60% to 70% water, which constantly supplies our vital functions and is essential for the proper functioning of our body. When we do not drink enough water, its effects are quickly felt: fatigue, headaches or dry skin.

The hair and scalp are an integral part of our body, therefore, they too suffer the effects of dehydration.

Drink water to moisturize your hair from within

Hair is composed of 25% water, so it is important to drink water regularly in order to moisturize your hair from root to tip. Healthy hair grows on a healthy and hydrated scalp. Water provides the hair bulb with all the nutrients it needs to ensure the growth of strong and shiny hair. Like the skin, the scalp is made up of different layers of dermis. A lack of water can lead to a dry scalp, which can cause irritation and itching. This can lead to flaking and dandruff. These discomforts weaken the scalp and will undeniably have repercussions on the health of the hair. The hair fiber will be dull and brittle. 

Drinking enough water stimulates the vascular tissues of the scalp by providing the necessary nutrients to ensure the vitality of the hair roots and quick and healthy hair growth. 

Go and drink a glass of water now! 


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