Scalp health through massage

Because they stimulate microcirculation, promote regrowth and soften the scalp, regular hair massages are the key to having and keeping beautiful hair.

But that's not all: by doing it yourself or at the hairdresser's, it will help to relieve stress by acting directly on the vascular system. It’s recommended to be done three times a week on dry hair, and twice a week on oily hair. Take care to start at the temples before moving up to the top of the head and then gradually moving back down, however, you still need the right tool.

Why is a hair massage brush a must?

While a manual massage during shampooing or on dry hair won’t hurt you, it will be much more effective if you use a scalp massage brush. Equipped with flexible tips, it will allow you to precisely stimulate the sensitive areas to keep your hair healthy, more sheathed and easily manageable.

In short, a beauty and well-being ritual you won't be able to do without!


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