What foods should I eat for beautiful hair?

Just like the skin, hair is a reflection of our lifestyle and is closely linked to our diet. A poorly balanced diet can lead to deficiencies in nutrients, which are necessary for the development of strong and healthy hair. Malnourished hair becomes greasy, dull, brittle and can fall out more quickly. To maintain naturally beautiful hair, it’s essential to adopt a healthy and balanced diet. What are the foods to avoid? What should you eat to have beautiful hair? Let La Bonne Brosse guide you by sharing which foods you should choose!

Trace elements for healthy iron-rich hair

Rich in iron, protein, zinc and beta-carotene, spirulina is a trace element that has many nutritional benefits for the hair and body. Used in dietary supplements, this blue algae contains many nutrients that are essential for keratin synthesis. A spirulina treatment will therefore boost the production of keratin in the hair and promote the growth of strong and radiant hair. Brewer's yeast is also a trace element that contributes to hair care. Thanks to its cocktail of amino acids, minerals, B vitamins and proteins, this natural probiotic strengthens the hair fiber while stimulating hair growth.

Other foods to choose for beautiful hair

In order to reap the beneficial effects of trace elements, it’s important to adopt a healthy and balanced diet for beautiful hair. To meet the protein and iron needs of the hair fiber, lentils and fish are preferred. These foods contribute to the growth of thick hair. Zinc can be found in foods such as seeds, cereals, pumpkin and sesame seeds, nuts, and many dried fruits. Zinc is a powerful antioxidant and helps regenerate the scalp by fighting cell aging.


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